New Publications:

“DMZ International Documentary Film Festival: Film, Peace, and the Cold War industry” Synoptique 3.2 (2015). 86-92. [Download the PDF]

Review of A Life of Barbara Stanwyck and Barbara Stanwyck. Cineaste 39.4 (Fall 2014): 71-73.

Two of my articles on David Rimmer have been reprinted in a fantastic new collection edited by Mike Hoolboom available for free download. “Twilight in the Image Bank.” David Rimmer: Films & Tapes 1967-1993 Toronto: Art Gallery of Ontario, 1993, and “David Rimmer’s Found Footage: Reproduction and Repetition of History.” CineAction! (Spring 1989) eBook on David Rimmer, Mike Hoolboom ed.

“The Barbara Stanwyck Show: Melodrama, Kitsch, and the Media Archive.” Criticism 55.4 (Fall 2013): 567-592. [Download the PDF]

“Women in Cities: Comparative Modernities and Cinematic Space in the 1930s,” In Transcultural Montage, Berghahn Books, eds. Christian Suhr and Rane Willerslev. New York: Berghahn Books, 2013. [Download the PDF].

“Archival Cinephilia in The Clock.” Framework: The Journal of Cinema and Media 54.2 (Fall 2013): 243–258. [Download the PDF]

“Dossier: Cinema as Timepiece: Critical Perspectives on The Clock.Framework: The Journal of Cinema and Media 54.2 (Fall 2013): 163–176. [Download the PDF]

Upcoming Presentations:

“Women in the City” Symposium on Mikio Naruse, Eye Museum, Amsterdam, September 2015.